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Windows & Door Replacement in Miami Shores – Report prepared for an historic building

Windows & Doors Replacement in Miami

After our installer’s visit yesterday 3/3/16, we have made the following conclusions which lead to a few suggestions
related to the Impact Windows & Door Replacement in Miami Shores, FL 33138 for Orinoco Building Co.

Some Facts:

• The Historic Building being evaluated carries Miami Windows & Doors that cannot be reproduced identically if the
intention is to meet Impact Resistance; this affirmation based current Building Code and Approved Impact
Resistant Products available.

• The removal of the existing units will require a non typical effort in order to have the least damage to the
structure of the Building. From our experience doing apartments in New York City, it will take a day for three
units maximum.

• Preparing the Opening to receive new units with a different configuration will require an agreement with the
owner and the City to comply with taste, historic regulations and impact requirements based on design

Window Replacement Example

Our suggestions:

• If arches are important to the Customer; prepare independent openings that carry an arched shape on its

• We recommend maintaining the arches in the social areas of the house, where they have a marked
radius and turning into fully rectangular units, the ones with slight radius that will mean templates and
paying extra to manufacture in that irregular shape.

• In order to maintain the look of integration between openings, break metal that carries the same wood
grain finish can be applied to recessed wall. Meaning, independent units placed in a wall that has a
recessed plane and is finished to match the frame of all windows.

• We recommend CGI –Estate Series to replace units with Impact Resistant Aluminum Frames finished
with Wood Grain Paint.