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Casement Units open to the left or right with hinges on the side of the unit. The entire sash opens outward to give maximum light and ventilation – up to 90 degrees; a friction stay ensures a controlled opening where the window stays put at any open point. In the closed position, the sash hugs tightly to the frame, where weather-stripping inhibits air infiltration and promotes energy efficiency.

All our casement windows, both in Aluminum and Wood, feature a multi-point locking system that functions via single handle, providing easy operation, superb air sealing, and the greatest protection.

For the best in custom window replacement Miami has to offer turn to Kando Windows & Doors. We design windows custom built to your desired size, configuration, and specifications; each product is engineered using computer technology and constructed with the finest machinery for ultimate strength and precision.


Awning Windows hinge at the top and open outward, allowing fresh air and light to flood the room while also offering protection from the rain. They are often used above, below, or side-by-side with picture windows, casements, or doors to provide extra ventilation.

All our casement windows feature a multi-point locking system that functions via single handle, providing easy operation, superb air sealing, and the utmost protection. This casement can be motorized if placed in a location that does not allow to operate it easily.


Hung Windows have two sash in a single frame. In Double Hung Windows both the upper and lower sashes slide open vertically to provide ventilation. In Single Hung Windows, only the bottom sash moves up and down.

Our Aluminum Single Hung Unit carry a 2” frame and its bottom sash locks are available for egress and handicap requirements. Our Wood Hung Windows can be made with either traditional weights & chains with brass pulleys or ultra-lift concealed spring balance system. Solid brass locks automatically draw the two meeting rails together for a tight weatherproof seal.


Versatile window with a left or right horizontally sliding sash; a wide range of styles and sizes are offered including XO, OX, a left and right moving sash with a fixed center panel. Ideal for larger openings. The operating sash is removable for easy cleaning.

Our Aluminum Sliding Units are recognized for their smooth operation.


The Direct Set or Fixed Unit is a stationary window that can complement any architectural style. Nearly limitless designs and configurations are available. For contemporary design, use it on its own or as part of a storefront. For a more traditional look, individual Direct Sets can be combined to form a bay window or bow window (a series of windows installed as a radius to create the illusion of a rounded exterior). Direct Sets can also be used in combination with casements or other Direct Sets and as a transom above windows or doors. Narrow stiles & rails make Direct Sets ideal for filling the room with light.