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The best Impact Windows Miami can choose. Installed in a Coral Gables home in 2015

impact windows selection

We performed this project in Coral Gables, Florida last year. It took a total of 8 weeks between the time the customer contacted us for an estimate, until we completed the installation. The selection of products process started by visiting the owner of the property and looking at the existing units to determine their conditions and characteristics. We then agreed to visit the manufacturer’s premises, based on the brand selected., in this way she could personally feel the difference of these products and understand their quality. The units were ordered and it took 5 weeks for them to be fabricated.


You will find a long list of impact resistant windows distributors in Miami, who to trust? I am sure this crosses the mind of each customer. At Kando, we start by understanding what exactly our customer is looking for, how much does his/her budget carries for the project and we apply our expertise in the selection of a brand that provides the most. For this project we had to go back to site, after completion of installation, no less than 4 times whilst the masonry repairs were accommodated by others; we ensured that all corners were covered so that she could be as satisfied as possible. Customer Service is key at Kando.

impact windows installation