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Atlantic Hurricane Season — Are You Prepared?

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The Weather Company just released a statement for the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season, predicting 14 named storms between June 1 and November 30. And of those 14, eight will be hurricanes, and three will be major hurricanes — with a Category 3 intensity or higher.

Compared to other forecasts, this year’s projections are slightly higher than the yearly average for 1950-2015.

And how will this affect the United States? On average, around two hurricanes hit the U.S. Gulf or Atlantic coasts during a typical hurricane season. Todd Crawford, chief meterologist at The Weather Company, said that the El Nino weather condition will dissipate, meaning that the strong winds that normally disrupt hurricanes will not be present, making for more storms than normal.

Given this knowledge, it’s important to brace your home and family for the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season ahead. Are you prepared? Here are three things you and your family can do to protect themselves:

Make an emergency kit
Put together a basic disaster supplies kit, comprising of nonperishable food, dry clothing, emergency blankets, batteries, a generator, water, a radio, and light sources.

Make emergency plans
Convene with your family and come up with a family emergency plan. Make sure everyone is briefed and knows what to do in case of a bad storm. Additionally, make sure you have locations away from home planned if an incident should occur. If you have pets, come up with plans to care for your animals.

Safeguard your home
Above all, consider the safety of your home and family by investing in hurricane resistant windows and high impact doors. Hurricane resistant windows are capable of withstanding winds up to 200 miles per hour — that’s a Category 5 storm. These hurricane resistant windows are available in many material options such as aluminium, wood, and vinyl, so they will match the decor of any home. Additionally, impact doors and window can keep your family safe from other dangers, such as home intrusions. Keeping your home safe will effectively keep your family out of harm’s way — and nothing matters more.

Are you prepared for hurricane season? Share your tips in the comments below.