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Wanting to change your Entry Door, but you live in a house regulated by an Association? Here are 4 tips to help you out.

Living in a house located in an Association regulated Complex has its pros and cons; when it comes to changing an entry door, the Association is to be notified, this does not mean that they will not accept any changes, in fact they accept more often than not.
An outstanding Entry Door definitely adds value to your home, it could be the reason why someone buys your home or why a friend loves your house; Entry  give character to the facade and emphasis your style.

Typically, Associations allow changing the paneled door that came with the house for more updated options if this does not mean changing the size of the opening and/or adding a color that is not neutral. The market is saturated with Entry Door options, analyzing the possibilities is key in order to obtain extraordinary results

1. Depending on the size of the opening we could play with different configurations.

  • If the opening is not wider than 36”, we are to select a single swinging door (Configuration = X)
  • If the opening is not wider than 52”, we are to select a single swinging door with a side lite (Configuration = OX or XO – O being the fixed unit)
  • If the opening is around 72” of width, we have the option to select a double door (Configuration = XX), a single door with two side lites (Configuration = OXO) or a single door with a larger side lite (Configuration = OX or XO)
  • If the opening is larger than 72”, a double door with side lites could be chosen (Configuration OXX or OXXO depending on the width)

2. When selecting the material of the Entry Door, budget is first in line and maintenance right after. A Wood Door will be more conservative and elegant option but at the same time the more expensive in terms of investment and maintenance. If you choose a Metal Door, the door could be paneled or carry glass for a more modern look and will definitely be more affordable when budget is a limitation; also, maintenance, if appropriate finish is picked will be reduced to cleaning every now and then for at least 15 years.

3. Sound attenuation could be a requirement therefore adding Insulated Glass, two panes of glass with gas inside, may be a good option.

4. In South Florida, we are to take certain aspects in account prior to choosing the right candidate, meaning the right Entry Door.

• A laboratory tested door, approved by the State of Florida and/or Miami-Dade County would be the best option; this will warranty that the resistance of the materials and the configuration is measured to certain standards.
• Knowing the Design Pressure required for your Entry Door will be key in the selection process; this calculation is based on the geographical location of the house together with the location of the unit in the facade.
At Kando Windows & Doors we can guide you and make sure that your Entry Door WOWs you and your visitors.