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3 Reasons Why High Impact Windows and Doors Matter

High Impact Windows and Doors

Of the growing list of home renovations you likely have, there are some that need to be addressed first. Let’s start with High Impact Windows and Doors. These two points of entry shouldn’t only look nice, they should effectively protect both your family and home from the elements and other potentially harmful outside factors. Not convinced? Here are three reasons why replacing and upgrading your windows and doors is a smart and safe investment for your home:

  1. Weather Resistant:
    It is becoming difficult to ignore the drastic effects that climate change has had on our environment. From Hurricane Sandy to Hurricane Katrina, we are experiencing more and more aggressive storms, capable of wreaking havoc on unprotected homes. Having hurricane windows and doors are capable of withstanding gusts of up to 200 miles per hour, and are tested to withstand Category 5 wind conditions. This ensures that if a major storm event should occur, your windows and doors will not buckle from the impact of debris or other forces. This helps to guarantee the safety of your home and family.


  1. Energy Efficiency:
    Going green isn’t just good for the planet — it’s also good for your wallet. Impact resistant windows are incredibly energy efficient, as they prevent outdoor air from getting into your home while stopping indoor air from escaping through cracks or crevices. Typically, energy inefficient windows can make a home lose up to 30% of its heat or air conditioning, leading to uncomfortable temperatures and unnecessarily high bills. Ultimately, these windows can lower your heating bills between seven and 15% annually.


  1. Protect Your Family and Belongings From Intruders:
    Did you know that home invasions happen every 13 seconds? While this is indeed alarming, investing in impact resistant windows and doors will help you feel prepared and safe from intruders. And these points of entry don’t have to look like prison additions, either. In fact, steel doors are one of the newest home design trends; they are not only attractive and safe, but they are cost-effective too.

Have you considered impact resistant windows and doors for your home? Perhaps now you will.